Monday, 27 May 2013

The Holly Place

The holly place. there is the samadhi of vaikunthwasi Hari Bhakt Parayan BHAGWANBABA AND BHIMSINGH MAHARAJ.
 Mathadhipati of the Bhagwangad In present is  NYAYACHARYA Dr. NAMDEV MAHARAJ SHSTRI (M.A. PHD.) This is the place where the spiritual education is given to the students in various medium. Many programmes are conducted by this organization like

  • Harinam Saptah, 
  • Dindi sohala, 
  • Bhajans, 
  • Kirtan, 
  • Pravachan. 
The programs conducted here are co-operated by whole society but the main roll is of the people belonging TO THE "VARKARI SAMPRADAY".

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